Donate Your Scrap

We welcome you’re unwanted scrap!

If you have something that you want to get rid of but that you think might be of use for somebody else, any materials that can be used for building or creating, big or small, regular or irregular we’ll give it a temporary home.

Please contact us to arrange a time to drop it off

email:   or call 07870 621 086

If you are donating a substantial amount or you are unable to drop it off we will do our best to come and collect it, just get in touch.
Here are the types of things that we welcome:

Scraps of wood/ any art materials / fabric / metal / paper / frames / ceramics / wool / wire/ thread/ big cardboard tubes / broken umbrellas / odd puppet heads / unusual bottles/ quirky lampshades/ buttons / broken tiles / mirrors/ the random object that has fallen off a mobile / old telephones / crates / feathers / beads / springs / cogs / any unusual and mysterious bits and pieces, the list is endless really!

Here is a list of the kinds of old scrap that we don’t want, thankyou:

old clothes (unless the fabric is a great textile that could be reused)

dirty dishes (this has actually happened!)

broken glass (though perhaps the resident glass blower on site will take it)

If in doubt, call us and well give you an “aye please” or a “naw ta”

We are in the process of getting a license for storing rubber tyres and industrial paint.